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Lash Extension Aftercare


Avoid oils

Use oil free make up removers.

Avoid oil based product, waterproof mascara and make up removers.

Keep Them Clean

Clean the lashes only with a extension safe shampoo.

Gently brush lashes daily to maintain a good appearance.


High heat is a No-no

Avoid sauna and hot tub for 48 hours 

Use caution when blowing-drying hair, 

high heat on lashes could distort 

the shape of the lashes.


No Tugging, Rubbing or Pulling.

Never pull off the eyelash extentions as this may pull out your natural lash.


No Tinting or Perming 

No tinting or perming lashes while wearing extensions.


If you experience any pain, irration or discomfort please contact your lash specialist immediately . 

Schedule your Appointment 2 weeks after your Lash Extension procedure for Refill.

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